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Spinal Disc Compression

Nonsurgical spinal decompression provides a method for physicians to properly apply and direct the decompressive force necessary to effectively treat discogenic disease. With the biotechnological advances of spinal decompression, symptoms were restored by subjective report in 86% of patients previously thought to be surgical candidates and mechanical function was restored in 92% using objective data. Ninety days after treatment only 2% reported pain and 3% relapsed, by physical examination exhibiting motor limitations and decreased spinal range of motion.

Our results indicate that in treating 219 patients with MRI-documented disc herniation and degenerative disc diseases, treatment was successful as defined by: pain reduction; reduction in use of pain medications; normalization of range of motion, reflex, and gait; and recovery of sensory or motor loss. Biotechnological advances of spinal decompression indeed reveal promising results for the future of effective management of patients with disc herniation and degenerative disc diseases. The cost for successful nonsurgical therapy is less than a tenth of that for surgery. Long-term outcome studies are needed to determine if nonsurgical treatment prevents later surgery or merely delays it.
Before you have back surgery, please contact us!  Our FDA certified Accu-Spina machine can correct even the worst compressed disc(s).  The Accu-Spina performs Disc Decompression Therapy and is an integral part of a complete program, leading to relief of back pain. There are no short cuts, pain relief comes with healing and tissue repair; however, the remarkable characteristics of this machine can, in a few weeks of treatments, reverse damaged tissue WITHOUT surgery.

The three phases of treatment are:

1.    Treatment of the injury using the Accu-Spina machine.

2.    Mobilization and strengthening the lumbar spine.

3.    Education and prevention.

Phase-1 is the most important. The Accu-Spina is utilized to achieve pain relief. It is believed that traction cannot and does not deliver enough action at the level of the disc to intervene in the pathophysiology of disc injury. The Accu-Spina was designed to significantly distract the lumbar spinal segments and create a negative pressure situation inside the disc. This negative pressure, or vacuum, promotes the regression of a bulge or herniation over time. The disc regression thereby relieves neurocompression.
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